Who is Volcano!! Born in Detroit MI. Music Artist, Producer, and entrepreneur. Started off as "The Invincible" as a solo artist, later growing to "Volcano" a part of the group Natural Disasters. Emerging from the rubble returning to solo status he founded I-ENT Records LLC. Though a solo rap artist and C.E.O. he became a member of the Fusion Band "Cody Stagefright" of Mount Clemens MI. After 4 years of performing, releasing 2 EP's and also winning the 89x $10,000 battle of the bands Cody Stagefright has gone on hiatus. From there still a solo artist and missing the live band feel he created a new band. At this very moment we have what is now called Volcano and The New Radio Standard. Not only living up to its name but being labeled as a force to be reckoned with.

His focus has always be an outstanding entertainer. His talents spread internationally. He's built a great rapport with many artists and studios for his writing, production, song presence and superb ear as a mix engineer.  With the addition of his internet radio show Volcano Underground through the need for an umbrella was evident. He then created The Central Media LLC which encompasses ALL of his talents as a designer, producer, engineer, performer and radio personality.  

He has released his debut mixtape "Available Upon Request Vol 1” 2008, followed by his debut full length album "The Resume" in 2009 simultaneously with the album for the Band Cody Stagefright. All of which have not only impressed its listeners but has earned him a nomination for Artist of the year by, then winning Hip Hop Artist of the year by Detroit Black Music Awards in 2009, the before mentioned 89x Battle of the Bands all in 2010 and recently In 2014 he won the title of Outstanding Hip Hop MC by the Detroit Music Awards. In 2015 he won another Detroit Music award for Outstanding Producer. His song "Boom Clap" has received numerous plays on Detroit local radio. In years following he has released albums 90 Days as Volcano and following Graffiti Symphony and The Bloom Street Journal as Volcano and The New Radio Standard.

Volcano wears many hats. In his words "Before you face the world you must face yourself", he has done so and is ready to deliver what the world has been missing... Good Music.



Current and upcoming projects

Chris has his own internet radio show called: Volcano Underground Radio. Built to provide a voice for underground music Volcano Underground Radio is the next huge thing when it comes to Internet Radio. Founded February 9th 2010 Broadcasted on V.U.R. brings you the best of the best in Rap/Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop and R&B. Hosted by Volcano the show airs LIVE every Wednesday at 7pm till 10pm EST. Providing the listeners with Music News, Sports, B.S. of the week and a little lesson on How To Hate.

Chris and Jim of Cody Stagefright can be heard on the theme song: “It’s Friday Bitches” for the Dave & Chuck “The Freak” Show. On 101 WRIF. 

Chris is currently working on his own show, titled The Volcano Show. Which is still in the production and the airing information is to be determined.

Chris also has blog called “From the Heart”. Where he shares his thoughts, views and opinions on the world we live. Each blog has a corresponding Podcast.


company news

The Central Media was established in 2011. Central Media encompasses all the audio, production, branding, promotion and even management needs for all artists that needs assistance. Central Media is an open source record label for the masses. In addition, can also meet and provide promotional development for any company or organization that is looking to expand their client base. During an event called “Tap the Future”, held in Michigan. Daymond John (CEO of F.U.B.U and Shark Tank star) choose three people from the audience. These three people got a chance to make a two-minute on-the-spot pitch for $500.00 cash prize. “Which was by Detroit awarding rapper and producer Chris Fortson and his Central Media production company” – Brian J.O’Connor {Detroit News Finance Editor} ( Jul 2015). Be on the lookout for the this rising star Company power in the future.



Volcano and the New Radio Standard: The Bloom Street Journal (Released November 11 2017)

Volcano and the New Radio Standard: Graffiti Symphony (Release New Year’s Day 2015)

Volcano: 90 days (release Christmas 2014)

Volcano: The Resume

Volcano: Available Upon Request



Nominated for Artist of the Year by:

Won Artist of the Year by: Detroit Black Music Awards

Won the 89x Battle of the Bands 2010

Won Outstanding Hip Hop MC by: Detroit Music Awards


media reviews

Chris “Volcano” Fortson and the New Radio Standard area force to be reckoned with. The rock/rap hybrid is something that has been going on for some time now. But sometimes that blend of cultures or styles can seem disparate or mechanical. This group makes it all work, with finesse, vision, hip grooves and strong marketable content – Eric A. Harabadian ( February 19, 2015)

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On Chris “Volcano” Fortson’s Graffiti Symphony (Motor City Blues), chaos is cut with class. Fresh off his Outstanding Hip-Hop MC Detroit Music Award, Fortson-with the backing of his versatile band, The New Radio Standard-is able to seamlessly switch from hip-hop mayhem to Motor City Blues. Meaning: verbally outspoken, lyrically creative and nationally outstanding – Emell Derra Adolphus ( June 2014)

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Entrancing most of us with an amazing mix of hip hop and a big band sound was the pulse pounding Cody Stagefright, who added a new twist to Detroit’s fabled hip hop/rock scene with a smooth flair that only Frank, Dean, Sammy could improve on. – Macomb Monthly 2009

Bringing a fusion of soul, rock, and hip-hop, Cody Stagefright grooves to a sound unlike any other. Make sure to catch the band live – Dylan McCarty (Real Detroit Weekly)

Next was a total change of pace, as rapper Volcano and The New Radio Standard brought their fusion of hip-hop and rock to the stage for a high energy show with real flare. The ensemble takes the stage in suits and ties, only to shed layers as the temperature rose and the sweat flowed. Even the rockers in the crowd were on their feet once Volcano and his crew got going, blending guitar grooves with rap lyrics and an infectious beat.

by Colleen Kowalewski

March 23, 2016

Metro Times Magazine