releasing november 11th

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I Would like to personally thank you for supporting Volcano and The New Radio Standard.  This band is meant to be known and we would really appreciate it if you not only download and listen, but spread the word so others do the same. This is music you deserve. 

Graffiti Symphony

Debut album as Volcano and The New Radio Standard released Jan 1, 2015 The beginning of a new era for Volcano. A versatile blend of music showing the beauty within the ugly. A colorful well orchestrated sound showcasing the inner cities finest.  

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90 Days

Released Christmas day 2014 as a gift. The 3rd installment to the All Work Saga and 2nd full length album. A collection of songs to show Volcano hard at work. Highlights the classic working class Detroit struggle. 

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The Resume

Get the legendary first full length album released by Volcano. Includes the hit singles "Boom Clap", "I Need A Freak", and "Borrow Your Daughter". This is the album that allowed Volcano to be named 2010 Best Hip Hop Artist by the Detroit Black Music awards, and a Nominee for Artist of the Year by

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Available Upon Request Vol 1

Released in 2008 This is the first installment to the "All Work Saga". Created for the proper promotion of the artist Volcano and each individual he deals with musically or as he calls them his "References". Making his solo stamp on the Detroit hip hop scene this mixtape started it all. 

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